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The Chad Mitchell Trio, Mighty Day on Campus (1961).

I was four years old, and someone gave my parents a box of old unwanted record albums. Most of them were terrible, but this one (along with the Bill Cosby and Shelley Berman comedy albums that were also in the box) changed my life. I played that record until I could hear it in my head, learned most of what I know about harmony and arrangement and song structure from it, and yes, now I have the CD and I still listen to it.

(Well... technically, that wasn't my first. My first was a Disneyland Records LP called Here Comes Peter Cottontail that I was given as a toddler. As I recall, I listened to it for a few minutes, then grabbed the tone-arm and dragged the needle back and forth across the record, rendering it unplayable.

(By golly, I'd do it again, too.)
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Oh heavens no. You kidding? Of course not. I'd never stop playing with my boobs, and it would totally interfere with getting my work done.

(More serious answer: If you could switch your body back and forth on a whim, like in John Varley's SF stories, I imagine I'd give it a try. But "want" is too strong a word. I'm okay with the parts I've got.)


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