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Last full day I'm at IETF; tomorrow I check out and go home. Up til 3 o'clock last night nerdgassing with co-workers about the fate of the internet. Up at 8 o'clock this morning for a breakfast meeting with some engineers about DNSSEC tools. Tired today.

  • After breakfast, having nothing on my schedule until 3PM and figuring a nap would just make me groggy, I invited my friend-and-colleague Michael to go for a walk with me, and a Muni ride later we were in Golden Gate Park. Strybing Arboretum, Stow Lake, Huntington Falls, Strawberry Hill, Music Concourse, Lloyd Lake, and then back downtown on the 5 Fulton. Gorgeous day. I'm glad to live in Santa Cruz now, but what a joy to be able to visit these places.

  • It's interesting to me that twenty-odd years after moving away from San Francisco I can still feel my way around the place on instinct. Strange, to know a place intimately without remembering anymore how I acquired the knowledge. I'd find it a little disorienting except that it's, you know, orienting.

  • Lengthy and productive meetings about future BIND development were followed by a group trip to Tommy's Joynt for buffalo stew. Kind of a dive (I saw the server reject two plates for being too dirty before finding one clean enough to serve my food), but it tasted good.

    If there's a difference between buffalo and beef, though, I can't tell what it is.

Really ought to sleep now. Home tomorrow!
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