Jan. 11th, 2010

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You've been driving since you were 15. Your parents taught you the basic rules of the road and how to avoid driving into stuff, and since then you've figured out the rest of it yourself. You don't think of yourself as a great driver or anything, but you can get around town okay.

Then one day, on a lark, you decide it might be interesting to find out what a professional driving instructor could teach you. So you ask one, and he says, "Sure, hop in. But before we start, I'm kinda hungry for lunch. Want a join me? I know this great Ethiopian place downtown."

You're confused, and you tell him so. "There's no Ethiopian place downtown. This town only has Tex-Mex."

He looks at you funny. "Well, sure," he says with a laugh and a quizzical expression, "if you only use the pedals and the steering wheel. To get to the Ethiopian places, you have to drive in hinklezorbian mode." Then he cocks his head sideways, puts one hand on the power window control and the other on the radio tuner, and the car turns in a direction you didn't know was there and suddenly there are all these other streets you can drive on.

You watch him with something akin to alarm, thinking about how long it took you to get used to driving the car the regular way, and you ask him if this hinklezorbian mode is the main thing he was going to be teaching you. "Well, of course there's also grandoobian mode," he says, adjusting his seat elevation to shift gears. "You still use the pedals for that one, but you use them to steer. It takes a little while to get used to, but it's great if you like Dim Sum."

That's what guitar lessons are like.


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